We have our camper

Our good friends felt led to donate a Chevy Trailblazer to our hope…however, after only our 3rd time behind the wheel the transmission blew!  We thought this 2nd car was going to be a HUGE blessing to our mission and family, however, as the suv sat in the yard, giving our home a true rural look, we were reminded how our plans aren’t always His.  So one day, as was driving into town, I saw a camper in a yard full of cars.  The owner was out so I stopped and yelled out my window, “Are you interested in trading your camper for a Trailblazer with a bad transmission?”.  His reply was simple…”Yep”.  I gave him our flyer and a few minutes later he called and said he would love to help our mission!  

Our initial hope was to just use the frame to build a tiny home for our managing partners, Chrysalis Community.  However, as you will see here, they have been blessed by a radical donation hope!  So we knew this camper was meant for Campfire.  

The interior demo was quick and easy.  The process of gathering the needed material as well as all the little odds and ends that you never see, has begun and we look forward to making this our winter project.  We plan to have this mobile coffee camper open before the start of the 2019 market season.

Here is a preliminary design for the exterior.  Hope you like it!

Doesn’t look like much now…but with a little creativity and hard work…
Demo has begun and materials are on the ready!

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