Our Story

Ten years ago the Dasher’s, Shane, Staci, Analyse and Niah – at the time, were given a huge vision to start a holistic outreach for pregnant women.  This massive outreach had many moving parts and at the time it was so undefined it was overwhelming.  Why us?  How would we get it off the ground? What should we do first?!

All these questions and unknowns led to the simplest of solutions…just ignore the whole thing and chalk it up as just a crazy pipe dream.  Well, YHVH had other plans and here we are 10 years, 3 failed attempts, and 2 more children later.  This vision is something we just couldn’t shake and in July of 2017 we took a step off the boat, left the life we had been living and opened up Campfire Coffeehouse.

So why now?  Well, let’s just say we couldn’t ignore our hearts any more.  We felt we had to take a step into full-time outreach and focus on what we thought would be the best way to get this huge hope off the ground.  So we packed up and moved to the North Georgia Mountains to open up a cafe that would not only raise money for the cause but be a place where we could begin helping women get back on their feet through a job training program.  We hoped to purchase a small farm and eventually add that element to the community of businesses within Chrysalis.  We started a brick and mortar location, but quickly learned that was not going to work within the community we chose.  So, we moved the coffeeshop into a Mobile Coffeehouse and began serving local events.  This was an amazing blessing and we now can take our outreach where it is needed most!  If you know us…this is a great fit for us.

We have now moved the outreach back to a farm in Ohio of all places!  But, wow!, is this place amazing.  The owners of Hummingbird Farm have asked us to help them develop a therapeutic farm refuge for women battling cancer.  What a perfect curve in the road and we look forward to having our Coffeehouse right next to our Farm Stand!

We hope you can support us!

To help us get our market booths established here in Ohio


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